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  • Yes, the CMV is a museum for children, they will be admitted from 0 to 12 years, and they can enter accompanied by at least one adult. Adults can enter exclusively when accompanied by children between 0 and 12 years old. Adults alone cannot enter. The museum aims to make people learn while having fun through parent-child experiences: adults are not mere carers but co-actors along with their children throughout the visit.
  • Teenagers between the ages of 13 and 17 may enter as companions if there are children and at least one adult present;
  • If the visitor is unable to make the visit at the time and on the day selected, he/she can make a possible substitution with a new date and time by contacting 045 2456540 or by email at biglietteria@cmverona.it within 1 hour before the time of the visit, after which the online ticket purchase will no longer be refundable. It is possible to change the date only once to a date subsequent to the one originally chosen and within 31 days;
  • The Children’s Museum Verona is immersed in the large area of the Former General Warehouses undergoing redevelopment.The surrounding area can accommodate up to 250 parking spaces. Parking, like the whole surrounding area, is subject to video surveillance but is not guarded. The museum assumes no responsibility for any damage or theft.
  • The reservation is not mandatory but, due to the limited number of seats, we strongly recommend purchasing tickets online. The ticket office is also open on site (subject to availability);
  • In the Interactive Area of ​​the CMV it will be possible to enter only without shoes but with socks. If you don’t have socks, you can buy them at the CMV shop; otherwise, you need to wear shoes;
  • Of course, you can use your own socks;
  • The CMV philosophy does not imply the presence and the need for guides. These will be present only during school trips as educational support;
  • The visits are divided into 1-hour and 45-minute shifts to better manage visitor flows and make the visit to CMV as pleasant and enjoyable as possible;
  • Adults are responsible and cannot leave their children unattended in any of the CMV areas;
  • It is possible to take photos and videos, keeping in mind the presence of other minors within the CMV, not everyone might want to appear in your images;
  • Packed lunch can be consumed in the area outside the CMV, but it is strictly forbidden to do so in any area of ​​the CMV, except for the ThinkLab area during birthday parties or other special occasions;
  • Except for the 0-3 area and the laboratories, from 3 to 12, all areas are suitable for all ages;
  • Of course! Adults can and indeed are invited to play with the children they accompany;
  • Through our website it will be possible to see the ongoing activities on the events page; please note that reservations are always required to access them;
  • There is no right or wrong path, the best thing is to let oneself be guided by imagination and curiosity;
  • For security and organization reasons, it will not be possible to exit and re-enter the Interactive Area during the visit. If this eventuality should arise, please inform the CMV staff who will provide visitors with a special badge to be able to reaccess the Interactive Area;
  • For hygienic and safety reasons it is not possible to be accompanied by pets during the visit to the CMV, except for guide dogs for the blind and service-dogs for assistance to the disabled;
  • For security reasons it is not possible to enter with strollers, it will be possible to leave them in the lobby at the entrance of the Interactive Area, the CMV management recommends bringing any valuable item with you, exempting the staff from any liability in case of theft or loss;
  • Visitors with wheelchairs can access any area of ​​the CMV. The access to the Interactive Area located on the first floor is possible by lift, the ThinkLab is on the ground floor, there are also toilets adapted to their needs in each of the museum areas;
  • There is no refreshment area inside the CMV, but it is possible to purchase water and snacks from vending machines in the area in front of the Interactive Area;
  • It is possible to deposit bulky overcoats and bags in the appropriate cloakroom before entering the Interactive Area. The CMV management recommends bringing any valuable item with you, exempting the staff from any liability in the event of theft or loss. Lost items will be kept for 30 days;
  • Both the bathroom of the Interactive Area and one of the two bathrooms in the ThinkLab area, have a changing area for little babies.