The Children’s Museum Verona wants to stimulate new generations’ curiosity and hunger for knowledge.


Our mission:


  • to attract children and adults to the STEAM world (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) through playful and experimental activities, promoting research, culture, knowledge and new technologies;


  • to offer children and adults a fun, entertaining, yet educational experience. The role of the parent/educator within the museum is fundamental: it is not a simple companion, but co-actor of the activities together with the child;


  • to offer teachers and families innovative laboratories, scientific-creative activities aimed at stimulating learning and teamwork, as well as useful tools for integrating classroom work or repeating the experience at home;


  • to promote the game as a means of understanding. The game is a central element for communicating scientific contents, to make visitors live experiences capable of as arousing a positive, warm emotion, a Warm Cognition, which favours learning.


Added-value of the Children’s Museum Verona is its staff (LINK pagina staff), which works with passion, enthusiasm and synergy, dealing with:


  • designing and building fun, stimulating, creative and innovative exhibits that encourage participation;
  • creating different workshops for schools and families with a playful-didactic approach;
  • making available new and alternative training methods to teachers, families, university students;
  • offering services that meet families’ needs
  • keeping up to date with new learning and teaching methods.