Christmas holiday openings and hours

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Plans for the holidays?

Check out Children’s Museum Verona’s special openings:

  • Dec. 8-11: 09:00am – 07:45pm (5 shifts), workshop (11:00am) and 2 shows (03:30pm and 05:30pm)
  • Dec. 24: 09:00am – 01:00pm (2 shifts) and show (10:30am)
  • Dec. 25: closed
  • Dec. 26-30: 09:00am – 07:45pm (5 shifts) and 2 show-labs (10:30am and 03:30pm)
  • Dec. 31: 09:00am-1:00pm (2 shifts) and show-lab (10:30am)
  • Jan. 1: closed
  • Jan. 2: 01:30am – 07:45pm (3 shifts) and show-lab (03:30pm)
  • Jan. 3-5: 09:00am – 07:45pm (5 shifts), 2 show-lab (10:30am and 03:30pm)
  • Jan. 6-8: 09:00am – 07:45pm (5 shifts), 3 show-labs (10:30am, 03:30pm and 05:30pm)

On other days:

  • Tuesday-Friday: 02:30pm – 07:00pm (2 shifts)
  • Saturday and Sunday: 09:00am – 07:45pm (5 shifts)

Opening hours

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  • Museum admission Tuesday to Friday: two shifts
    • 11:45am-01:30pm ( Only in the month of August)
    • 02:30pm-04:15pm
    • 04:45pm-06:30pm
  • Museum admission Saturday and Sunday: five shifts
    • 09:o0am-10:45am
    • 11:15am-01:00pm
    • 01:30pm-03:15pm
    • 03:45pm-05:30pm
    • 06:00pm-07:45pm
  • From 28th August to 8th September the Children’s Museum Verona will be closed to public.
  • Workshops for 3-5 years and 6-12 years:
    • Saturday and Sunday, 11:00am-12:00pm (see specific timetables on the individual workshop page in the Events area)
  • Science Show:
    • Saturday and Sunday, 03:30pm-04:15pm and 05:30pm-06:15pm (see specific timetables on the individual show page in the Events area)


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Some information for visiting our museum:

  • Entrance to the museum is restricted for security reasons and a maximum of 100 people including children and adults are allowed in.
  • The visit lasts 1.45 hours.

Due to the limited number of places, it is strongly recommended to purchase tickets online. The ticket office is also open on site (subject to availability).

A few simple rules must be observed in the museum, which can be found on the Regulations page.

The use of a surgical mask or FFP2 is compulsory for all children aged 6 and over and for adults.
What have we done and what do we do for safety? See the Safety page for more information.

Tuesady to Friday
 02.00pm – 06.30pm
T. +39 045 2456540
The secretariat is closed on 25 December, 1 January and 15 August.