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The visitor that has purchased the ticket declares to have read the CMV regulation, to accept the conditions fully and to authorize the processing of personal data in compliance with the provisions of art. 7 and 13 of EU Regulation 679/2016.

Welcome to the Children’s Museum Verona

The access to the museo (the interactive area) and the ThinkLab (the scientific laboratory) of the CMV can only take place after the purchase and check of the valid entrance ticket:

  • Children from 0 to 12 years of age enter the CMV only if accompanied by at least one adult;
  • Every adult can access only if accompanying one or more children
  • each adult can supervise a maximum of four children at the same time, except for school groups;
  • if a group of people is made of children and adolescents, the child between the ages of 13 and 17 can enter the museum as an adult companion only if there is at least one of age in the group;
  • access to the museum on the first floor can only take place after having taken of any type of footwear but keeping socks (this applies to all visitors, both adults and children). If visitors do not have one, they can buy them at the CMV ticket office/shop;
  • it is possible to deposit bulky overcoats and bags in the appropriate cloakroom before entering the Interactive Area, the CMV management recommends bringing any valuable item with you, exempting museum staff from any liability in the event of any theft or loss. Lost items will be kept for 30 days from its finding.
  • If the visitor is unable to make the visit at the selected time and day, they can request a possible replacement with a new date and time by notifying us at least 1 hour prior to the scheduled visit. The rescheduling can only be done once and must be within 31 days from the originally chosen date. Please note that no refunds are available.

Touch everything, be curious, experiment and imagine during the CMV visit.

The visit of the Interactive Area is by reservation only and reserved for a limited number of visitors. It is organized in shifts of 1 hour and 45 minutes each, to manage visitor flows, avoiding overcrowding and offering a pleasant visit. The visit to the museum is not guided.

For school groups, participation to the CMV visit and laboratories is by reservation only and reserved for a limited number of visitors, equal to 30 students. The visit is organized in shifts of 1 hour and 45 minutes each, while the laboratory is organized in 90-minute shifts for primary and secondary schools, while it is 60 minutes for kindergartens. For schools, museum visits are guided.

On days open to the public, participation to CMV laboratories is by reservation only and reserved to a limited number of visitors, organized in 1-hour shifts.

Tickets for the visit and/or workshop can be purchased online, but also at the CMV ticket office up to 15 minutes before the beginning of the requested shift.

Due to the limited number of seats, we strongly recommend purchasing tickets online. The ticket office is also open on site (subject to availability).

The visitor who wants to enter the museum or carry out a laboratory without previous booking, can purchase the visit and/or the laboratory only if there is sufficient numerical capacity within the shift requested. If the visit is already in progress, the visitor can still access, knowing that he must finish the visit by the closing time of the shift.

The museum will be closed on December 25th, January 1st and August 15th.

Monitoring measures

Ticket sales for the same day will end 2 hours before the museum closing times.
If upon request of the CMV staff, which may occur at any time during the visit, the visitor is found without his ticket, he will have to pay the ticket again.

 Within all areas of the CMV it is prohibited:

  • the entry of adults without the presence of children aged between 0 and 12;
  • wear any kind of shoes within the Museum;
  • eat foods (including candies, chocolates and chewing gum) or drinks except for the area set up for holding birthday parties and/or previously authorized events;
  • introduce animals with the sole exception of guide dogs for the blind and service-dogs for assistance to the disabled;
  • any inappropriate behaviour that could compromise yourself or other visitors;
  • introduce umbrellas, backpacks and any other object that could damage or compromise safety within the museum premises;
  • throw any type of waste outside the specific containers;
  • keep the ringtone and audio of your mobile devices at high volume;
  • the use of cigarettes, even electronic ones

Adults are responsible for the behaviour of the children they accompany, and they can be sanctioned for any damage caused to the structure or to others. The CMV is exempt from any liability in the event of damage to persons or property due to incorrect visitors’ behaviour. If inadequate and/or disrespectful behaviours occurred, the museum staff might avail themselves of the right to ban visitors.

The CMV is a place for children. It is important to remember in this regard to pay attention to their own language, children’s ears are always open and highly receptive.

For security and organization reasons, it will not be possible to exit and re-enter the Interactive Area during the visit. If it occurs, please inform the CMV staff who will provide visitors with a label for reaccessing the exhibition area.

Children must not be left alone in any area of ​​the CMV without adult supervision.
Inside the Museum and the ThinkLab, visitors can take photographs and/or videos, respecting the privacy of other visitors.

Special needs

Visitors with special needs are invited to communicate any requirement to the CMV ticket office at least 7 days before their visit, we will do our utmost to do everything necessary for them. All persons with difficulty and/or inability to walk can access the exhibition area by lift.
Any opinions or complaints can be sent to the email address: