ThinkLab Laboratories for families

The ThinkLab laboratories are open to all families during the weekend, lasting 60 minutes for a maximum of 25 children per shift, subject to availability. Admission is scheduled by shifts displayed on the timetable page, booking is recommended.

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Science Show!

Potions, chemical reactions and… fantastic explosions!
Be prepared for a sequence of scientific experiments performed with irony and comedy to amaze children and adults!
Guests of honor for the event: liquid nitrogen and dry ice, for the sensational show of science that will leave you speechless!

Day: Saturday 8th August
Time: from 3.45pm to 4.30pm
Public: families with children 0-12yo
Cost: 5€ Children 2-12yo, Adults; free admission Children 0-12months
Duration: 45 minutes


Enchanted City – The fantasy lights up with a LED!

Have you ever dreamed of building your ideal city, your Enchanted City?
Every Thursday from 6th to 27th of August 2020, we are waiting for children 5-12 years old with their families, for an evening that combines the visit to the museum and a suggestive workshop. Using recycled materials we will build a Enchanted City and light it up with electric circuits and LED lights!


Days: Thursday 6th, 13rd, 20th, 27th August
Time: from 8.30pm to 10.30pm
Public: families with children 5+ yo
Costo: 12€ Children 5-12 yo; 7€ Adults
Duration: 2 hours