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CMV on excursion! Discovering the forest, between plants and animals

Discovering the forest, between plants and animals

What plants can we find in a forest?
What are the characteristics of the soil? What animals can live in them?
An excursion to discover the richness and variety of the forest environment.
We will walk to discover the traces left by animals, learn to recognise trees and plants and observe the small inhabitants of the forest.
This experience will bring families into contact with nature, and as little explorers they will learn to use some of the tools used by naturalists to discover the secrets of the forest.

The “CMV on a trip!” experience includes, in addition to the walk, a workshop activity and a gadget for all participating childrens.

The trip will take place in Covolo di Camposilvano and the Valle delle Sfingi (VR).

This “CMV on excursion!” event is part of the Nature trails.

Discover all the other events in the programme by choosing your route:
Adventure: for experiences that combine adventure and experimentation;
Nature: for experiences in close contact with nature;
Night: for nocturnal experiences to discover the world of the night.

The activities are organised by the Children’s Museum Verona and include the presence of qualified Nature Guides.


Sunday 22 August 2021
Single round: 9:00 am – 1:00 pm
4 hours
Children 2-12 years and parents.
Price ranges:
Children 0-24 months: always free
Children 2-4 years: 5€
Children 5-12 years: 12€
Adults: 15€Limited places, ticket reservations are available online by clicking the link at the bottom.
Please note that adults and children over 6 years old must wear a mask.
Further information on general admission rules can be found at:


Hourly Schedule

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