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The educational activity at the Children’s Museum Verona is unique, interactive and engaging: the exhibits inside the museum have the ambitious task of bringing children closer to the STEAM world through playful and experimental activities to be carried out in person with help from expert explainers!

  • The educational offer is diversified according to the type of school and includes a visit to the Interactive Area and/or ThinkLab laboratory.
  • The offer is aimed at nursery classes, kindergartens, primary and secondary schools.
  • Schools will be guided inside the Children’s Museum Verona by Explainers – experts in scientific communication – to discover the Interactive Area and carry out the ThinkLab laboratories.
  • The visit to the Interactive Area lasts 1 hour and 45 minutes, following the shifts indicated on the opening times. (link pagina opening times)
    You can visit with socks or non-slip (this rule applies to everyone, children and adults).
  • The ThinkLab laboratory is only for kindergarten, primary and secondary school level. It has a duration of 1 hour and 30 minutes for primary and secondary and 1 hour for kindergarten, by the shifts indicated on the opening times. (link pagina opening times)
  • Both activities are possible: the visit to the Interactive Area and the ThinkLab laboratory. The whole activity has a total duration of 3 hours and a half.
  • All activities are intended for a maximum of 30 students per class.

Rules for the visit

  • The visit and the workshop are scheduled in time slots lasting 1 hour and 45 minutes as indicated on the webpage.
  • It is forbidden to introduce strollers any kind of backpacks, jackets, food or drinks into the museum
  • Jackets, bags and shoes can be left in the cloakroom area before the museum entrance.
  • The materials used for construction within the museum can be brought home to continue and deepen the activities.
  • Inside the Interactive Area there are child-friendly toilets.
  • The Children’s Museum Verona does not have a bar/restaurant inside, there is a small dining area with vending machines for hot/cold drinks and snacks.
  • If classes wish to make use of sheltered space for a snack / packed lunch, they can use the laboratory, bearing in mind that they must allow our operators the regular maintenance and/or preparation of the same for other activities.